Rags-n-Bones’ Avocado Recipe #3

Busy today! The Meddlers of Moonshine is due out Tuesday, and I’m working on publicity as well as writing book three, Into the Moonless Night. Still, I can take a little time for Rags-n-Bones to give you his next avocado recipe. This one is tasty, so give it a try.

Recipe #3.

How’s everyone today? Hungry for avocados, I hope! Today I have a yummy and easy take on a lunchtime sandwich classic, the BLT. Mine’s the PALT, and I hope you enjoy it!


Ingredients: Half a ripe avocado, two slices of firm white bread or a roll, 2-3 leaves of your choice of lettuce, one ripe tomato, two slices of provolone, 1-2 teaspoons of mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.

Directions: Everyone likes bacon except me. I don’t like eating piggy-wigs. They’re smart and make funny noises. Fortunately, I know of a yummy alternative. Fried provolone! It’s salty, nutty, and crunchy.

To fry the provolone, heat a frying pan to medium heat before laying a slice in the middle of the pan. It will turn brown and crispy, starting from the edges. Keep an eye on it; you still want it to be yellow in the middle when you take it off the heat. Fry the second slice and set them aside on a paper towel. You might one to grill your bread or roll in the pan for extra crispiness.

I find it best to mash up the avocado half with the mayonnaise. Slices of avocado like to slip right out of your sandwich. Season the mashed avocado and mayonnaise with a little salt and pepper and smear on the top slice of bread or roll.

Wash and slice the tomato. Arrange as many slices as can comfortably fit on the bottom slice of bread or roll. Top with lettuce—arugula’s also nice. Top the lettuce with the fried provolone, and then cap with the avocado-smeared slice of bread or roll.

Enjoy with some nice, crunchy chips and a cool drink.