Rags-n-Bones’ Avocado Recipe #2

Rags-n-Bones is back with another recipe for you to try! Remember to enter my Twitter Giveaway for a chance to win signed copies of the first two books in the Moonfall Mayhem series!

Over to you, Rags!

Hello, people! I was just petting Nipper. He’s my rat friend.


Nipper likes avocados, too, although truth to tell, he’s not very picky about what he eats. He once ate a wrapper off a can of hash. I tried a bit of it, but it wasn’t very yummy–not nearly as yummy as avocados. Speaking of which, let’s get to the second recipe!

Recipe #2. Hello readers, and fellow avocado-eaters! Welcome to the second of Rags-n-Bones’ avocado recipes. Today it’s a universal classic.



“Mole” means “sauce.” Does that mean “guac” means “avocado”? It’s not a pretty word, I’m afraid, which is a shame, because guacamole is lovely! Because guacamole is basically mashed-up avocados and spices, there are dozens of varieties. I’ve tried many, and this is my go-to favorite among them.

Ingredients: Two ripe Haas avocados. Four tablespoons of sour cream. Half a teaspoon of cumin. A quarter teaspoon of garlic powder. Half a lime. Sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Directions: Peel avocados, remove seed. In medium-sized bowl, mash avocados with a fork, then mix in sour cream. Add cumin and garlic, mix further, then squeeze lime over top, sprinkle salt and pepper, and whip lightly with spoon. Guacamole should be pale green and lumpy in texture.

This is very much a “please yourself” recipe. Add more cumin/garlic powder/sour cream, etc. as suits your tastes. I like a lot of cumin, as I think it pairs in an exceptionally yummy way with avocados. Sometimes it’s also nice to dice up some fresh tomatoes and mix it in, or perhaps some shredded cilantro. I like cilantro, but the Captain says it tastes like dirty soap. Can soap be dirty?

Serve the guacamole with tortilla chips, or as a condiment for enchiladas, tacos, or other Mexican dishes. Serves 4-6 people, or one Rags-n-Bones.