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I can’t promise you all the links below will work, as the net is subject to change. But here’s a sampling of my work, for those who are curious or simply hungry for some good stuff to read.

Whistler’s Grove, published at Beneath Ceaseless Skies in December, 2013, is one of my darker stories, a tale of sacrifice and loss. I’m working on a sequel to it, but it’ll probably be a while before that’s completed.

By contrast, The Gangs of Gnome Jersey, also published in December 2013 at Fireside Magazine, is one of my more comedic shorts. It features Chris Ricotta, the tomato-obsessed hit man of the supernatural who is the protagonist of my forthcoming urban fantasy series. Ummm…about the artwork. Yeah, it’s very funny, but that sloppy biker guy looks nothing like Chris, who’s fit and half Asian. Ah, well.

Theobromancy was published at the now, sadly, defunct Crowded Magazine in May, 2014. It’s a light-hearted mystery concerning a group of wizards who use chocolate to perform magic. That’s right! I’ve put chocolate and magic together at last! Mwa-hah-hah!

One of my favorite stores I’ve written, Common Knowledge, was recently published at a new magazine called The Sockdolager, which means a powerful blow. It features a young highwayman who rides a black unicorn. Charming and twisty!

A darkly humorous story, The Last Deduction, was published in Phobos Magazine’s zugzwang issue. I love Sherlock Holmes, but even the most ardent Sherlockian must admit he’s an irritating bastard at times, so I penned this little tale where Lestrade gets his revenge. Alas, it is only available on Amazon.

Definitely worth a mention is my Death and Taxes, published in World Weaver Press’s Specter Spectacular. This humorous tale takes place in the same world as my YA novel The Falling of the Moon, and features a character from that book. It’s not easy being a headless ghost!

Finally, if you’ve not had enough of me yet, allow me to present Once Around the Sun, an anthology of stories by the Bethlehem Writers Group. You may notice I was a co-editor of this project as well as an author. Another of my favorite stories, “The Ice Prince,” resides within these pages, as well as another tale of chocolate wizards titled “Bittersweet.” The rest of the stories are pretty good too–there’s a tale for every season as well as taste in this one.

I have also been published on Every Day Fiction, In Fabula Divinos, The Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, and have a couple of forthcoming stories that I’ll post links to when the time comes. Whew!

Enjoy–and happy reading!

Present, and accountable

Yeah. I’m here. That’s about all I can say at the moment.


Well, no. I can say a lot more. Like how I’ve resisted taking this step, because I’m a writer, and should be doing some actual, you know, writing right (write) now. Instead, I’m trying to make this webpage not look like something a three-year-old might manage with a box of crayons in a spare hour.


I’ll get back to all you lovely peeps the moment that happens.