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This is the homepage of A. E. Decker. author of The Moonfall Mayhem series. The first book, The Falling of the Moon, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and World Weaver Press. You can preview the first chapter on Goodreads. If you enjoy wit, twisted fairy tales, or simply off-beat stories, check if out!

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The second book in the series, The Meddlers of Moonshine, will be published by World Weaver on October 25th.

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Please forgive my tardiness in posting. I’m currently working on book three, Into the Moonless Night, trying to meet a late October/early November deadline. Moonfall Mayhem is projected as a five-book series, so there should be enough to keep me working, and you reading, for a few years to come.

If you’ve come looking for my free read Sunday, Hawk and Fox is posted here:  Hawk and Fox. You can also locate it through the sidebar. Please do enjoy! I haven’t updated in a while, but I will get back to it.

Be warned; I have a Dalek obsession. Just to warn you. Seriously, if they renamed that show Dalek Who, I’d be all over it. I even make my own Daleks out of craft fur. You can see a few examples on this site, and I will update with more as I find the time.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay.



Bucky, the author, with A. E. Decker.

Er, strike that. Reverse it. Thank you.

A. E. Decker currently resides in Pennsylvania. She holds degrees in English and Colonial American History and has a macabre fascination with the French Revolution. Other obsessions include chess, the Headless Horseman, chocolate, and DALEKS! A former ESL tutor, tai chi instructor and doll-maker, she now spends her time picking apart tropes and putting them back together in the strangest ways she can think of. Like all writers, she is owned by three cats. Hers are named Dorian, Xavi, and Bucky.

She hopes to grow up and become a Dalek some day.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I totally loved your story ‘Forever Now’ published in the Fireside Magazine. It was so interesting and without a doubt imparted ‘The’ message. 🙂
    Would definitely read your novel. Cheers.

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